Traveler(s) visiting one destination and only requiring one or a combination of the following: flight, hotel, transportation, tour, etc.



Traveler(s) visiting more than one destination and requiring multiple flights, hotels, transportation, tours, etc. Cruises and Honeymoons fall under this category.



Due to the increased cost of booking airline tickets directly through suppliers, Travel by Sarah charges an Airline Ticket Booking Fee for each ticket issued. This fee is already pre-programmed into the price if you book airfare directly through Travel by Sarah’s booking site.

Domestic Air Ticket Booking Fee: $10/ticket

International Air Ticket Booking Fee: $15/ticket



A Plan to Go Fee is ultimately a cancellation fee. This fee will be charged if the traveler decides to cancel their booking with Travel by Sarah. This fee compensates Travel by Sarah for time spent doing research if the traveler decides to cancel their trip. The Plan to Go Fee is in addition to any fees incurred from the travel suppliers (airlines, hotels, tours, etc.) due to trip cancellation.

Plan to Go Fee: $25/person



Group Travel requires even more attention to detail to ensure the trip runs as smoothly and effortlessly as possible. It can be more difficult to book Group Travel due to the larger amount of people traveling together and the need for blocked airspace, multiple hotel rooms, specialized group transportation, group tours, etc., but can also beneficial as many suppliers give special group rates. A Service Fee will be charged to groups of 10 or more for both Simple and Custom Travel. It will be added to the final payment and is non-refundable if the group decides to cancel their booking with Travel by Sarah.

          Group Travel Service Fee for 10-24 Travelers: $20/person

          Group Travel Service Fee for 25-39 Travelers: $18/person

          Group Travel Service Fee for 40+ Travelers: $15/person